Texas Eye Patch Gold on Black x Fancy Pony Land



From our limited-edition collaboration with Fancy Pony Land. Inspired by the far west, the far east and the far out.

This few-of-a-kind patch features metallic gold lambskin leather appliquéd on a double-layer of felt. Grab one and customize your own cosmic cow-person couture. 

The ever-talented Lorna Leedy of Fancy Pony Land on the inspiration behind the Texas Eye she designed exclusively for El Cosmico Provision Co:

"Based on the iconic archway welcoming you to El Cosmico Marfa. I love the history of the eye in Egyptian mythology, Masonic iconography and the excellent old neon signs of Psychics and Palm Readers. I like to think of this eye as helping you find your place in the world – the eye as a focusing lens for psychic location. Happy trails and may the eye of Texas be upon you."

 More details:

  • Leather and felt

  • 6.25"W x 5"H


Take care to follow these care instructions:

Wash the garment you patch with this piece seldomly. When you really must give it a wash, hand wash in cold water and hang to dry. Once dry, iron inside out. Leather, as a natural material, is washable but should be handled with care. When it first dries, the leather appliqué may seem stiff or slightly shrunken. It will become supple again once ironed on the backside. If you really want to protect and take care of the appliqué you can also rub a conditioning water-proofer like Nikwax into the leather, though be careful when applying not to get oil on the felt and the rest of the garment as it can stain. Do not dry-clean.

Fancy Pony Land's process:

Fancy Pony Land is handmade by Lorna Leedy. Original drawings become stencils that are traced onto leather and cut by hand with scissors. The appliqués are adhered to garments and machine top-stitched meticulously at a slow rate of speed.