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A message from Far West founder, Liz Lambert. Far West is a design studio based in Marfa, Texas.

When I first started making hotels in the late 1990's, I wanted something more unique than what you normally see in hospitality. We designed everything from the weave, the patterns and the shape of the robes. I fell in love with the collaborative process of working with textile designers and other makers.

My passion for creating things really grew with El Cosmico, a campground hotel I own in Marfa, Texas. The items in our retail shop there are part of the journey, keepsakes that tell the story of the place. We are lucky to work with so many amazing collaborators and shine a light on many of our maker friends and their work. Far West is currently working on projects with the incredibly talented collaborators featured here.

West Texas, Baja California and Laurel Canyon and the open roads between them have all been influences for Far West. They all share some sort of intangible qualities, though each is distinct. A magical quality of light, a slower pace of life.


“Lambert has become an international force behind the boutique-hotel movement of the past decade. Her discerning selections launch trends. Take the fifties-era Acapulco chair. It’s everywhere you look—porches and bordercafes—because Lambert brought it back in style.“

-Texas Monthly

“Over the past two decades, Lambert has become one of the most influential hoteliers in the industry. Her personal aesthetic—a mix of industrial minimalism, Texan traditionalism and bohemian rocker-chic—has given rise to a new breed of American boutique hotels.“

-Wall Street Journal

“Lambert’s tailor-made worlds are a tribute to her beliefs about the point of travel in general—to seek out experiences that allow you to walk a mile in the shoes of a local. “In our current political climate, not just here in the States but across the world, we have a really deep fear of others and things that aren’t known to us,” she says. “The more you travel, the more you can’t just stay in that small place.“