D.S. & Durga Candles


’85 Diesel

On saffron tanned leather seats, in clothes that look like rugs, singing “we must never break the chain”. Lacquered chestnut paneling with puffs of burning fuel.

Notes of saffron leather, suede, vinyl, white violet, hiba, castoreum, diesel smoke, earth dirt, galbanum resin

Holy Ficus

The revered fig tree of Siddhartha and Lord KṚṢṆA. Silently watch the flame for 7 hours and you may spy liberation.

Notes of cardamom, frankincense, fig, cedar, ginger root, saffron

Portable Fireplace

To make it smell like you have a fire place, especially when you don’t have a fireplace.

Notes of dwarf pine wood, atlas cedar, smoke, oak ash, birch tar, copaiba resin

Spirit Lamp

Tea service at the colonial parlor of Mme. Revere, topless psychic. Hot silver heated by open flame. Bohea vapors, radiant heat, milk.

Notes of: hot metal, peach water, petitgrain, white ginger, coconut milk, radiant musk, boho tea

Tomb of the Eagles

In the far north, where Orkney eagles carried Stoneage souls beyond the jagged cliffs, clover, sea pinks, sweet cicely, the sonorous sea.

Notes of clover, cold sea, sea pinks, sweet cicely, island moss, bones, grass