2023 Trans-Pecos Poster


Most Septembers, we come together under the big skies of far west Texas. El Cosmico is our home for four days of live music, sandlot baseball, workshops, vendors and very, very good times in the majesty of Marfa. 

This year’s Trans-Pecos festival honors the monarch butterfly, floating gemstone of the sky. Every fall, these beauties migrate from Canada south on their way to wintering sites in Mexico, an epic journey of over 3,000 miles. As they pass through Texas each year, our native flora serve as a stronghold for the butterfly’s survival. 

Before the migration miracle comes metamorphosis. The monarch’s Latin name, Danaus plexippus, means “sleepy transformation.” Her evolution from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly is a testament to the magic of growth and rebirth. As El Cosmico embarks on a new chapter, a new site, and new offerings, we - like the butterfly - honor each stage that leads us to our fullest expression. Grab your ticket on eventbrite.

19" x 25"

3 color silk screen

Product image is a mock-up of the poster. Actual poster will include the complete festival line-up.

*Pre-sale 2023 Festival items will ship out the week of October 2nd. Pre-sale items are not eligible for returns or exchanges.*