Friends of Far West: Mickey Ashmore

Friends of Far West: Mickey Ashmore

You know that feeling when you meet someone and you immediately know that they are family? That's the feeling we got when we met Mickey Ashmore. We're super fans of his shoe company, Sabah, and we share his passion for expert craftsmanship, beautiful design and the elegance of simple materials. What's more, Mickey's an all around great human, a good time and an avid explorer of the world. He's our kind of people.

We've been delighted to collaborate with Mickey and Sabah over the years, and all of us at Far West have at least one pair of Sabah's or Babas in our closet. We took a moment to ask Mickey about his favorite things on and off the road.  

Personal motto: Give more than you take in this world. Aim to create value for others, not extract it from them. And if you focus on the right values, then the bi-product of that value-driven work will be the success you hope for!  So I try to think about product v. bi-product a lot! 

Dream car: An EV Land Rover Defender 90, convertible top, that doesn't yet exist... 

Favorite bumper sticker: Allred 2024!

Vacation read: A stack of New Yorkers that had been sitting by my bedside, collecting themselves ... unread.

Next trip: Istanbul ... for work! 

Coffee order: Americano with half n' half from La Colombe.

Road snack: Nothing. I fast! But if I must, a bag of salt n' vinegar chips. And a snickers! 

Early bird or night owl: Early bird.

Driver’s seat or shotgun: Driver's seat, always.

Soundtrack: Darjeeling Limited, Wes Anderson.

 Epic travel story: Hiking through the jungles of Borneo... in 2008! 

Far West favorites: The original El Cosmico Robe, of course; any poster that Liz has ever had created; and our El Cosmico Babas, made by hand in El Paso, TX!

Hand Painted El Cosmico Baba x Sabah
Hand Painted El Cosmico Baba x Sabah