Close to Home with Michele Quan

Close to Home with Michele Quan

Michele is the creator behind MQuan Studio, a ceramics practice based in Saugerties, New York. We've been friends with Michele and admirers of her work for years - the pieces she creates are grounding in a way that makes us want to lay on the ground and stare up at the sky. While her work is very much made of physical matter - mostly stoneware clay, to be precise - the impression her work leaves is ethereal.

We sat down with Michele to learn more about her through her favorite things. Among the many highlight for us: she gets extra credit points for having actually owned her dream car.


Personal motto: Too many. I have a huge collection of phrases, words, quotes. I love words. Last year I seemed to recite often ‘I’m in the ocean’ as some kind of solace. Before that ‘Let go or be dragged’, ‘Do no harm, take no shit’, or ‘It’s all time.'

Dream car: I had it…’67 Cougar. All original. White with black vinyl roof, bucket seats.

Favorite bumper sticker: ‘OM EYE GOD’

Vacation read: Bring Me the Rhinoceros by John Tarrant was my favorite book last year.

Next trip: These days I am pretty content to stay close to home, but I would like to go to Nepal, Japan or Greece.

Coffee order: Homemade. 

Road snack: Sunflower seeds or potato chips

Early bird or night owl: Sundowner!

Driver’s seat or shotgun: DRIVER'S SEAT

Soundtrack: Lately it is Khruangbin and Nick Cave's The Boatman. But then there is always the sound of the wind in the trees and of the geese coming back.

Epic travel story: This question hurts my head.

Far West favorites: COZY pants

Hippie Johnny Pajamas
Hippie Johnny Pajamas