A Hey Gang Hang: Q&A with Lauren Block

A Hey Gang Hang: Q&A with Lauren Block

I've been an admirer of Hey Gang for years prior to being introduced to Lauren Block. Anyone who rocks overalls as much as I do knows that Hey Gang makes some spectacular ones, and I appreciate Lauren's ability to have an apparel brand that feels truly rooted in her style. Originally a kids clothing brand, Hey Gang branched into adult garments back with the introduction of coveralls and hasn't looked back. Now they make jeans, as well as some of the comfiest sweatshirts and tees in the market (which consistently sell out). When Lauren agreed to answer our questions, I knew we were in for a treat.  
Personal motto:  Always trust your intuition

Dream car:  My grandfather’s 1976 red and white El Camino.  My husband drove a brown and tan one when we met.  The moment I saw that was what he drove,  I was sold!  (We had walked to the San Jose bar from my then house off of South Congress - so I didn't realize his automotive choice until after our first date)

Favorite bumper sticker: Anything from the "My Favorite Vegetable" Sticker Pack

Best vacation read: Anything by Steinbeck

Next trip:  Japan - I’ve never been. I don't know how I’ve never been but I’m ready to go!  I want Birdie (our daughter) to go with us so we can take her to the new Ghibli park.

Road snack:  Bugles - Always

Driver’s seat or shotgun: Driver’s - I have control issues haha

Favorite travel memory:  Probably when my husband and I eloped in Terlingua - the entire trip was just magic.  West Texas has never let me down.  You can be in the middle of nowhere with the biggest sky more stars then you can handle and still run into someone you know at one of the only bars in town.

Car soundtrack:  Dire Stratis / Communique , Grateful Dead / American Beauty, or any of my Hey Gang Playlists!

Far West favorites:  The adult and kids robes and all of the pillows, I love them for both outdoor and indoor use!
Ikat Robe
Ikat Robe