Hey Mama: Liz Lambert + Erin Lee Smith

Hey Mama: Liz Lambert + Erin Lee Smith

For Far West founder, Liz Lambert, and ByGeorge Beauty Director, Erin Lee Smith, being moms to Lyndon Lambert is at the top of the list of their joys and accomplishments. This Mother’s Day, we asked them to spill the details on some of their favorite kid stuff in the shop, and maybe even a few deep thoughts on parenting. 

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FW: What is your favorite part of parenting?

LL: I love so much of it — I love our conversations. His imagination is so big and his sense of humor is boundless and silly and right in time. We love to laugh.

ELS: Being a parent is being a part of a secret club that you only get let in on once you have a kid. You can never imagine what joy or challenges you will find with each new day. It absolutely keeps you present and that’s my favorite part. It’s real, it’s raw, it’s life, it’s happening. 

FW: It’s family night at the Lambert Smith household. What’s on the agenda?

LL: Pretty much every night is family night in our household. Lyndon likes to help me cook dinner, he pulls up a stool or crawls across the countertop to help me stir a pot or combine ingredients. He loves to taste whatever I’m cooking — Massaman curry and shrimp got a thumbs up the other night.

ELS: If it’s a Sunday we will go out with friends to a brewery. It's is a cool way to hang with your family and friends. The kids get to run around, and we can hang with a delicious IPA in hand.

FW: Any words of wisdom for new parents?

ELS: It’s hard! Every baby is different, so don’t compare milestones. If you can, get a night nurse so you can get some sleep. The challenges will pass - the diaper rash will clear up and they’ll eventually like the car. You don’t get a trophy for how long you breast feed, so stop when you want to. And don’t get divorced in the first two years.

LL: Don’t get divorced in the first two years, and don’t get too worked up about anything because it will all change in a week or two.

FW: Tell us about your favorite Far West kids’ items and why you like them.

ELS: Definitely, the swaddle. The material is light weight and the size is perfect to wrap them up when they’re newborns and then it becomes a great stroller or carseat light-weight blanket. I love the colors, they make me happy. 

LL: This is the best swaddle ever. The double sided gauze tucks super tight. And The Kid Robe - he finally wears it, and we can twin.  

El Cosmico Swaddle Blanket
El Cosmico Swaddle Blanket