Ayond Rock Rose Face Serum



This lightweight, oil-free, hyaluronic acid serum harnesses the rare botanical power of Rock Rose to stimulate the skin’s natural renewal cycle, combat visible signs of stress and premature aging for a vibrant, visibly restored complexion. Rock Rose’s subtle earthy scent evokes transcendence and euphoria, for a gentle mood lift.


Stimulates the skin’s own natural renewal cycle for improved elasticity.
Dull, stressed, tired skin is revived from within.
Renewed barrier function for healthier-looking, more resilient skin.
Smoother, plumper skin with fewer visible fine lines and wrinkles.

1.0 oz

about AYOND skincare products

Formulated with clean, potent botanicals that have a natural instinct to hydrate, nourish and protect, AYOND helps your complexion resist and rebound from common stressors including harsh chemicals, pollution, free radicals, UV and blue light -- for healthier, fresher, radiantly resilient skin.