Keep Going: Q&A with Molly Nutter

Keep Going: Q&A with Molly Nutter

Molly Nutter is one of those people with whom you wish your brief encounters would never end.

My first memory of being introduced to Molly was at By George one afternoon while visiting the store with Natalie Chanin and Christina Kim. Two years and a handful of meetings and emails later, I found myself in Paris, at a dinner table in the back of a small restaurant with Molly. She is smart, she is chic, and she is generous with her knowledge of the fashion and retail industry. I was so excited when she agreed to answer our Q&A, because, selfishly, I wanted to know her answers. 

Personal motto:  If you're going through hell, keep going (Winston Churchill)

Dream car:  Mercedes 350 SL

Favorite bumper sticker:  Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz, Calif - USA

Vacation read:  I love to read autobiographies or stories written by musicians, especially on vacation.  The last I read was Chris Blackwell's The Islander, and next up is Nina Simone's Gum by Warren Ellis.

Next trip:  Oaxaca and Mexico City

Coffee order:  Espresso (short!) or an iced black coffee with a splash of lemonade

Road snack:  I'm not a big eater in the car - I prefer to stop to eat while on the road.  I love a good diner breakfast with fried eggs, bacon and toast.

Early bird or night owl:  Early bird (I used to be a night owl)

Driver’s seat or shotgun:  Driver's seat

Soundtrack:  I went on a road trip from San Francisco to New York City with 2 close friends when I was in my 20's, and one of their brothers made a mix tape for the occassion.  It started with Leonard Cohen's The Future and only got better from there.  I lost it at some point and can't remember enough to recreate it, but it was the perfect soundtrack for that time.  

Epic travel story:  That same road trip above.  We drove through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, hung out in New Orleans, went to Graceland, camped, stayed in motels, slept in the car at diners and then went in to brush our teeth and have breakfast.  We didn't have any worries.  It was heaven.

Far West favorites:  Hotel Saint Vincent Marbled Silk Robe in Rain Song, and everyhting from El Cosmico Provision Co.  I picked up the Peyote tee on a visit there, and a friend gave me How to be a Texan when I first moved to Austin.  The project with Alabama Chanin is amazing, thoughtful and cool.
Hotel Saint Vincent Marbled Silk Robe
Hotel Saint Vincent Marbled Silk Robe