Be Your Wild Self: Q&A with Kate West

Be Your Wild Self: Q&A with Kate West

Kate West is the creative and logistical genius and Executive Producer of the wildly popular DIRT video series from our friends at Huckberry. DIRT dives deep into the stories of the land, the makers, and the food that define a place. The latest installment, DIRT: Texas, features Far West's very own Liz Lambert, her brother Lou, and a host of other fascinating Texans.

When Kate isn’t exploring off-the-beaten-path locales for her day job, she's spending time with her family and hunting for her next big adventure. In this Far West questionnaire, discover her Alice in Wonderland-esque journey through Ireland, how she takes her coffee, and more.

Once you've gotten to know Kate a little better, be sure to check out DIRT: Texas. It's a beaut.


Personal motto: Stay Curious. Seek Joy. 

Dream car: '95 F350. Black with Chrome bumper. ooooooi so sexy.

Favorite bumper sticker: Less Honkin', More Tonkin'

Vacation read: The Real Americans by Rachel Khong. 

Next trip: Mt. Hood, PNW. Headed to the a cabin in the woods with my son, Shep next week. A little mom- kiddo reset. 

Coffee order: Iced Americano - Fresh Cream - Hit of Honey

Road snack: Crispy Apples, Mountain Valley Spring Water & Microdoses

Early bird or night owl: I have young kids so not much of a choice here... Early Bird

Driver’s seat or shotgun: Shotgun (see note about microdoses above). 

Soundtrack: Chances with Wolves or Charlie Parr

Epic travel story: I have all these crazy adventures from living in China in my 20s, but in the past few years my work has take me places where I'm able to engage with people and places as a fully-formed adult, allowing for deeper connection.

On our DIRT shoot in Ireland, we drove around all of Ireland. It was magic. We ended in the Boyne Valley at a place called Rosnaree - an old country estate that has been taken over by the local creative community- chefs, set designers, cool young families, writers - all live on the property in there own creative worlds but also part of this larger community. It was an eccentric place. There were peacocks that stared at themselves in antique mirrors all day and slept in the top branches of this enormous oak tree at night. A gang of evil geese who had the run of the place and would chase us as we were trying to shoot. Donkeys, wild garlic everywhere, a river with a homemade raft, very Alice in Wonderland. 

You could see New Grange from the property - ruins from 3,000 BC. I think it just grounded everyone who lived there providing perspective and a permission to be your wild self. It left such a lasting impression. 

Far West Favorite: Vintage French Blue Chore Coat with El Cosmico Patch. Its reached 'staple' status in my wardrobe.