Mini Crystal Protection Pouch


The mini protection pouch is one of a kind and hand made. It is woven with the intention to protect and soothe. But most of all to spark the seed of magic that lives inside you. Hold the pouch in your hand close to your heart and make a wish. These magic little pouches are powerful and will assist you along your journey.

Each mini pouch has a Quartz Crystal point inside. Clear Quartz is known to be one of the most powerful crystals and can be charged up with your individual wishes and intentions. The crystals have been bathed in the sun and celestial lights with local spring water. The leather used is scrap, recycled, or naturally processed. These are made to be able to go back to the earth entirely.

Infinite Love Designs is committed to sustainability, regenerative habits, local and wild sourcing, positive communication, community, growth, and most of all LOVE. The mini protection pouches came from a passion for culture, art, craft, nature and healing energy.