El Cosmico x D.S. & Durga 100 mL


D.S. & Durga created this scent in collaboration with the creators of El Cosmico to highlight the unique land in and around Marfa. Taking accords of wild desert species and filling them in with the dry desert air, the pair hopes to make it possible to remember the magical spirit of West Texas with this eau de parfum.

Perfume is armchair travel. It is made of very real materials but suggests an entire hidden world. El Cosmico suggests the cosmic omnipresence that we sit at the edge of daily. To be there under the stars is to feel the infinity of our position. The scent had to suggest this feeling – a haunting reminder of an endless landscape.

The desert airs of Marfa, cosmic axis of West Texas. Creosote shrubs and sumac primed with Chihuahuan mesa woods - mesquite, oak, and pinyon pine.

Top – desert air accord, pepper tree, incense aldehyde

Heart – sumac, creosote, khella, Spanish dagger yucca

Base – pinyon pine, oak, mesquite

100ml bottle