Marfa Seedbombs


The perfect West Texas treasure for you or a friend. 

MARFA SEEDBOMB Instructions:
Throw seed bombs on public land where there are adequate growing conditions: water and sunlight. The Far West Texas Wildflower Mix is ideal for conditions of the high desert in the West and SouthWest. We advise against throwing seed bombs on protected conservation areas or private land.

Each SeedBomb contains: organic compost, a mixture of seeds: Five-Spot, Lupine, Flax, California Poppy, African Daisy, Indian Blanket, Bird’s Eyes, Blazing Star, Rocky Mountain Penstemon, California Bluebell, Desert Marigold, Clarkia, Mountain Phlox, Evening Primrose, Corn Poppy, Palmer Penstemon, Prarie Coneflower, Tidy Tips & Sweet Alyssum, and red clay for binder.